kinder-lingo for kids

At the Kinder-Lingo Language Academy, we are committed to providing unique and innovative language acquisition programs for children.  We are located at 600  Roosevelt Ave. in Piscataway, NJ (right behind the Kennedy Library).

 Our Language Immersion Workshops in Hindi, Mandarin and Arabic combine the most proven techniques in the field of second language acquisition to ensure that students learn in a fun and effortless manner.  Our goal is to provide students with practical, conversational skills in their target language. 

Because we know that children learn best through play, all of our children's classes are designed to engage students with interactive and hands-on activities.  Our classes provide young children with the opportunity to naturally “absorb” their new language through Songs, Dance, Arts & Crafts, Puppetry, Stories, Rhymes, Games, TPR and Drama.

We also incorporate the renowned Qtalk method in all of our programs.

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